Capitol Building 6, Room 353

1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East

Charleston, West Virginia

February 13, 2019 - 12:00 Noon

(Notice:  This agenda will continue on February 14 at 10:00 a.m. if not completed on February 13.)




Welcome - Pledge of Allegiance - Introductions - Call to Order




David G. Perry, President






Approval of Agenda - (Action)




David G. Perry







Remarks from Governor’s Office and House/Senate Education - (Information)




David G. Perry






Remarks from Education Stakeholder Associations and Organizations - (Information)    




David G. Perry


















David G. Perry







Communities In Schools - (Information)




First Lady Cathy Justice







Communities In Schools (CIS) West Virginia is a three-year pilot project of First Lady Cathy Justice. The CIS model realizes education strategies alone will not help our students be successful because they are dealing with poverty, lack of adult role models, and the absence of basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and health care.  By placing a mentor in the school to connect students to community supports and ensure basic needs are met, the CIS program in Greenbrier County Schools has achieved a 100% graduation rate among their CIS students.  Currently the First Lady has expanded the program to include Berkeley, McDowell, and Wyoming Counties with plans to add additional sites with the Governor's recommended appropriation of $5 million.







Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Best Practices - Greenbrier County - (Information)




Kathy D’Antoni






Students from Greenbrier East and Greenbrier West High Schools will share Best Practices through Simulated Workplace and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Companies.






The Safehaven Campaign - (Information)




Melodi Hawley, Founder






The Safehaven Campaign, a volunteer organization, has a goal to effectively reduce the number of infants and children negatively affected by drug abuse in West Virginia through a three part strategy of rehabilitation, support, and prevention awareness.






Consent Agenda - (Action)








Approval of Minutes - (Action)

Attachment A







It is recommended that the minutes of the January 9 and 30, 2019, meetings of the WVBE be approved.








Routine Business









WVDE Personnel Matters - (Information)

Attachment B





Steven L. Paine










Employment of Substitute Teachers in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage - (Action)

Attachment C





Heather Hutchens










Pursuant to W. Va. Code §18A-2-3, Harrison, Mingo, and McDowell County Schools and the WVDE Office of Diversion and Transition Programs have submitted a policy, and Hampshire County Schools has submitted an amended policy, for the WVBE’s approval.










The WVDE recommends that the Employment of Substitute Teachers in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage policies for Harrison, Mingo, and McDowell County Schools and the WVDE Office of Diversion and Transition Programs, and an amended policy for Hampshire County Schools, be approved.










Employment of Substitute Teachers in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage Affidavits -  (Action)






Heather Hutchens










Pursuant to W. Va. Code §18A-2-3(c)(2)(G), as of February 6, 2019, affidavits have been received and submitted to the Consolidated Public Retirement Board from Cabell, Kanawha, Marion, and Raleigh County Schools.










West Virginia Licensure Testing Directory - (Action)

Attachment D





Michele Blatt










The directory of WVBE required licensure exams for educator certification and completion of WVBE approved programs leading to licensure is on the WVDE website.  Proposed revisions will allow for greater flexibility in certifying math teachers and ensure the most up-to-date tests are listed.










The WVDE recommends that the Licensure Testing Directory be approved.








New Business







McDowell County Schools - Closure of Anawalt Elementary School and the Consolidation and Relocation of Students into Kimball Elementary School and Welch Elementary School AND Request for Waiver Policy 4336, West Virginia School Bus Transportation Policy and Procedures Manual - (Action)

Attachment E




Tommy Young and Carolyn Falin, Superintendent, McDowell County Schools








The McDowell County Board of Education respectfully requests approval for the closure of Anawalt Elementary School at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 school year and the relocation of those students into Kimball Elementary School and Welch Elementary School.  McDowell County has conducted all hearings and followed all procedures per Policy 6204.  This amendment will enable students of Anawalt Elementary School that are currently housed in modular classrooms to relocate to regular classrooms.


In addition, the McDowell County Board of Education requests a waiver of Policy 4336 for three bus routes that will exceed the recommended time limit.  This is due to the consolidation and relocation of students from Anawalt Elementary School to Kimball Elementary School and Welch Elementary School. 








Based upon the information provided, the WVDE recommends that the closure, inclusive of the consolidation/relocation of students, and waiver request be approved.








Motion(s) may be offered regarding the closure of Anawalt Elementary School (McDowell County) and associated consolidation/relocation of students and Policy 4336 waiver request.








Policy 5899, Beginning Principal Internships - (Action)

Attachment F




Michele Blatt








W. Va. Code §18A-3-2d. Beginning Principal Internships was repealed by the West Virginia Legislature effective June 8, 2018. County school systems are required to address principal mentoring as part of their comprehensive System of Support for Improving Processional Practice (SIPP)








The WVDE recommends that Policy 5899 be repealed.








Motion(s) may be considered regarding Policy 5899. 








WVBE Personnel Matters - (Action)

Attachment G




David G. Perry







[WVBE personnel matters may involve an Executive Session as provided in W. Va. Code §6-9A-4(b)(2)(A) [personnel exception] and/or §6-9A-4 [matters involving attorney‑client privilege per Peters v. County Commission, 205 W. Va. 481 (1999)].  The Board majority must vote to have an Executive Session.  (No action will be taken in Executive Session.)]






It is recommended and a motion is requested to approve WVBE personnel matters found in the attachment.





WV GRADUATION 20/20 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - (Information)



Jan Barth and Susan Beck






Jeffrey Lusk, Executive Director of the Hatfield-McCoy Recreation Authority, will have a brief presentation regarding the establishment of a MOU with the WVDE and the Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority.  This MOU will create opportunities for students to gain authentic work experiences.






West Virginia State Parks Partnership Compact and WV GRADUATION 20/20 Update - (Information)




Jan Barth and Susan Beck






Adam Coon, WV GRADUATION 20/20 Point of Contact representing Fayette County, will co-present with Mike Hager, Superintendent of Hawks Nest State Park, on Fayette County's student success with the opportunities provided by the State Parks Partnership in assisting with the WV GRADUATION 20/20 Initiative.






Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Instructional and Administrative Uses - (Information)




Jan Barth and Erika Klose






GIS is a digital mapping technology employed instructionally by teachers in West Virginia. Growing in popularity and in direct classroom implementation, GIS is a tool that has direct application to daily life, but also to core content areas. GIS usage is growing in West Virginia schools due to an increase in freely available instructional materials, as well as moves by WVDE to increase teacher and student access. Additionally, GIS is a useful tool when examining data collected on a state and local level. WVDE is exploring using GIS to find answers to questions about how we can best serve our students.






Superintendent Report - (Information)






WVBE Member and Ex Officio Updates - (Information)






Items for Future Meetings - (Information)




David G. Perry






Future Meetings - (Information)




David G. Perry





The next regular meeting of the WVBE will be held March 13, 2019, in Charleston, West Virginia. The meeting will continue on March 14, 2019, if the agenda is not completed on March 13, 2019.




Adjournment - (Action)