Capitol Building 6, Room 353

1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East

Charleston, West Virginia

December 12, 2018 - 10:00 a.m.

(Notice:  This agenda will continue on December 13 at 9:00 a.m. if not completed on December 12.)




Welcome - Pledge of Allegiance - Introductions - Call to Order




David G. Perry, President






Approval of Agenda - (Action)




David G. Perry







Remarks from Governor’s Office and House/Senate Education - (Information)




David G. Perry






Remarks from Education Stakeholder Associations and Organizations - (Information)    




David G. Perry

















David G. Perry






Consent Agenda - (Action)







Approval of Minutes - (Action)







It is recommended that the minutes of the November 14, 2018, meeting of the WVBE be approved.

Attachment A







Routine Business









WVDE Personnel Matters - (Information)

Attachment B





Steven L. Paine










Waivers of State Board of Education Policies and Regulations, Superintendent's Interpretations and State Statutes and Legislative Rules - (Action)

Attachment C





Karen Larry










Two requests for waivers of WVBE policy are submitted for consideration:  1) Cabell County Schools (Cabell Midland High School/Waiver #1404) requests a waiver of Policy 2510, Assuring the Quality of Education, Regulations for Education Programs, Section 7.5.c.8.A., related to required training for teachers of Advanced Placement® (AP) Courses; and, 2) the Preston County Board of Education requests a waiver Policy 6204, School Closings or Consolidations, Section 2.4, related to the December 31st deadline for school closures.










Both waivers and waiver criteria have been reviewed by WVDE staff are recommended for approval.










Employment of Substitute Teachers in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage - (Action)

Attachment D





Heather Hutchens










Pursuant to W. Va. Code §18A-2-3, Berkeley, Cabell, Hampshire, Lewis, Randolph, Summers, and Wayne County Schools have submitted a policy for the WVBE’s approval.










The WVDE recommends that the Employment of Substitute Teachers in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage policies for Berkeley, Cabell, Hampshire, Lewis, Randolph, Summers, and Wayne County Schools be approved.










West Virginia Educator Preparation Program Review Board (EPPRB) Recommendation of Addition of Teacher-in-Residence Program for Bluefield State College with Monroe County - (Action)

Attachment E





Michele Blatt










In January 2018 the EPPRB members agreed on a recommendation of approval to the WVBE of Bluefield State College’s addition of a Teacher-in-Residence Program with Monroe County.  Policy 5100 provides guidelines and procedures for the approval of new and continuing educator preparation programs of study leading to licensure in West Virginia and also for Teacher-in-Residence Agreements with West Virginia school districts. Policy 5100 supports the intended collaborative process to improve educator preparation programs and potential educators by incorporating program guidelines based on research and best practices. Support of continuous improvement and clear and consistent guidelines to West Virginia educator preparation programs will produce more effective educators in West Virginia schools, resulting in increased student learning in the classroom.










The WVDE recommends that the WVBE accept the EPPRB's recommendation of approval of Bluefield State College’s addition of a Teacher-in-Residence Program with Monroe County.










Repeal of Policy 3233, Establishment and Operation of Regional Education Service Agencies - (Action)

Attachment F





Clayton Burch










Policy 3233 is obsolete (W. Va. Code §18-2-26) and recommended for repeal. 








New Business






Appointment to the West Virginia Educational Broadcasting Authority (EBA) - (Action)





David G. Perry








A motion will be requested to appoint Nancy J. White to the EBA; Ms. White will complete the unexpired term of Debra K. Sullivan.








WVBE Personnel Matters - (Action)

Attachment G




David G. Perry







[WVBE personnel matters may involve an Executive Session as provided in W. Va. Code §6-9A-4(b)(2)(A) [personnel exception] and/or §6-9A-4 [matters involving attorney‑client privilege per Peters v. County Commission, 205 W. Va. 481 (1999)].  The Board majority must vote to have an Executive Session.  (No action will be taken in Executive Session.)]






It is recommended and a motion is requested to approve WVBE personnel matters found in the attachment.







WVBE School Finance and Funding Committee Funding Priorities - (Action)





Thomas W. Campbell






Annual Strategic Plan Update - (Information)




Clayton Burch






Quadrant Leader Reports (W. Va. Code §18-5-13b) - (Information)




Steven L. Paine






2018 Early Learning Annual Report - (Information)




Jan Barth and Monica DellaMea







This informative annual report provides the WVBE with various forms of data focusing on the WVDE's comprehensive approach to early learning, specifically focusing on the state's implementation of Universal Pre-K as well as the Transformative System of Support for Early Literacy.






Mental Health Program and Awareness Update - (Information)




Jan Barth and Susan Beck






The informational item was requested by the WVBE to provide an update on the mental health programs and services currently being offered by WVDE and their partners. The item also includes:  1) WVDE trainings, and 2) Superintendent and Principal County-by-County Survey updates upon completion. 






Superintendent Report - (Information)






WVBE Member and Ex Officio Updates - (Information)






Items for Future Meetings - (Information)




David G. Perry






Future Meetings - (Information)




David G. Perry





The next regular meeting of the WVBE will be held January 9, 2019, in Charleston, West Virginia. The meeting will continue on January 10, 2019, if the agenda is not completed on January 9, 2019.




Adjournment - (Action)