West Virginia Official State Multiple Listings

General Information 

The Official State Multiple Listing of Instructional Materials contains information for schools to use in the selection of their instructional materials.

Official Multiple Listings


2012-2018 Multiple Listing (Social Studies)

2012-2016 Newly Approved Resources (Off-Cycle Year Mathematics K-8)

2011 Special Call for Universal Pre-K

2010-2016 Multiple Listing (Mathematics, Family and Consumer Sciences, Agricultural Education)

2009-2015 Multiple Listing (World Language, Driver Education, Dance and Theatre) (Interactive)

2008-2014 Multiple Listing (English Language Arts, Music, Visual Art) ( pdf)

2007-2013 Multiple Listing (Reading/Literature) (pdf)

2006-2012 Multiple Listing (Science/Health part 1) (pdf)

2006-2012 Multiple Listing (Science/Health part 2) (pdf)

2006-2012 Multiple Listing (Science/Health part 3) (pdf)

2006-2012 Multiple Listing (Science/Health part 4) (pdf)



"Short Lists" of Approved Vendors

Approved List of Mathematics

Approved List of English Language Arts

Approved List of Reading and Literature Materials

Approved List of Science and Health Materials