The adoption of instructional resources in West Virginia is a continuous, ongoing process. Each year, various content area coordinators at the West Virginia Department of Education, in cooperation with the public and private school educators, review, access and revise Content Standards and Objectives. Based upon these Content Standards and Objectives, curriculum frameworks, and courses of studies, specific criteria for the adoption of instructional materials are developed.

To provide teachers the tools to deliver the curriculum and meet the Content Standards and Objectives, the Instructional Materials Review Committee performs a rigorous review of resources in both print and electronic format and identifies those that align to the established criteria.  The committee presents their recommendations to the West Virginia State Board of Education.  Once approved by the State Board, the Official Multiple List of Approved Resources is released to the public.  Districts use the approved list to identify the resources that best meet the needs of their students.The instructional materials adoption procedure is guided by a select set of criteria, originating from the Content Standards and Objectives.

To accomplish this review and recommendations process, decisions are made, various groups are informed, meetings are arranged and activities are conducted. The following pages are designed to give the committee a sense of the numerous events that take place in this process.

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