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Calendar of Events

Updated January 17, 2014


West Virginia Instructional Materials Adoption


2014 - 2015


English Language Arts K-12

2014Health ~ Wellness K-12

Off-Cycle - Social Studies K-12

Off Cycle - Mathematics K-8

Events, Dates, Times and Locations are tentative and subject to change.




Targeted Dates




January 2014


Notice, Request, and Instructions to Publishers (Call to Bid) for English Language Arts K-12, Health & Wellness K-High School, as well as Off-Cycle Social Studies K-12 and Mathematics K-8.

  • Details will be posted to the Instructional Materials web site for Vendor/Publishers




March 13, 2014


Publishers Intent to Bid due to West Virginia Department of Education

  • submit form by email to Veronica Barron (  

NOTE: Counties will identify their own instructional resources for Math I and Math II.  There will be no state level review of these materials.




April 9 , 2014

12:00 NOON EST Deadline


West Virginia Department of Education receives Official Bids for Instructional Materials for English Languae Arts K-12, Health and Wellness K_High School, Off-Cycle - Social Studies K-12, and Mathematics K-8.

  • Bid submitted online
  • Signature Sheet received by mail
  • $1000.00 deposit (Certified Check) received by mail
  • Note:  The Non-Refundablereview fee for off-cycle year reviews is $1,000.00 per programmatic level for each program submitted.


April 16, 2014

10:00 AM EST


West Virginia Department of Education conducts Official Bid opening

At or Near Building 6, Room 607 of the Capital Complex (Location to be determined.)


May 9, 2014


Deadline for removing items from bid without loss of bid deposit.

May 21, 2014   Publishers will receive instructions on where to ship correlations, materials to be reviewed, and login credentials for electronic resources.

June 6, 2014


Deadline for Vendors/Publishers to provide samples or login credentials to electronic resources and correlations of criteria (Generic or Non-Negotiable, General & Specific) to Instructional Materials Advisory and Review Committee members. 

WVDE Coordinator of Instructional Resources should receive logon credentials for online materials to be reviewed and electronic criteria for all materials to be reviewed.

Correlations to Criteria to be mailed under separate cover with inventory of samples submitted and shipped for print materials submitted for bid.  Details will be provided by May 21, 2014.




July 21-25, 2014   Deliberations.  Publisher presentations will be scheduled as necesary.
August 15, 2014   Review Results Announced

All Dates are Tentative

For more information, please contact
Joey Wiseman

Office of Secondary Instruction, Assistant Director

Phone:  304-558-5325