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2018 Criteria & Correlation Documents

Virtual Social Studies 6-12 & World Languages (Italian & Japanese)


Below are links to the Criteria & Correlation documents which will be used to review the Social Studies and World Language courses. Online course providers/publishers/vendors submitting a request to review a course listed below must use this document to show the correlation of their online course with the criteria. The correlation document will be used by the course reviewers and needs to be as detailed and specific as possible.

The criteria is divided into 3 sections: Section 1: Non-negotiable Criteria, Section 2: iNACOL Checklist for Evaluating Online Courses, and Section 3: Specific Criteria. The course provider must complete the first column for each criteria listed in Section 3. Course providers design their courses differently, so be as specific as possible to help the reviewers locate all of the criteria on which the review will be based. World Languages include Section 4: General Criteria, which address proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.

The online course must meet 100% of the non-negotiable criteria.

World Languages
  Secondary Social Studies  
Italian - Level I Word           Social Studies - Grade 6 Word          
Italian - Level II Word           Social Studies - Grade 7 Word          
Italian - Level III Word           Social Studies - Grade 8 Word          
Italian - Level IV Word                    
Japanese - Level I Word           High School - Civics Word          
Japanese - Level II Word           High School - Economics Word          
Japanese - Level III Word           High School - Geography Word          
Japanese - Level IV Word           High School - Psychology Word          
    High School - Sociology Word          
    High School - US Comprehensive Word          
    High School - US Contemporary Word          
    High School - World Studies Word          

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