Criteria/Correlation Documents for Group VI Adoption




Below are links to the Criteria & Correlation documents which will be used to review the instructional materials for each Mathematics course. Publishers/vendors submitting a bid for primary instructional materials for any course must use this document to show the correlation of their resources with the criteria.
The criteria is divided into 3 sections: Non-negotiable Criteria, General Criteria, and Specific Criteria. Instructional materials must meet 100% of the non-negotiable criteria, 80% of the general criteria and 80% of the specific criteria in order to be recommended for approval for the Multiple List of Primary Instructional Materials.
Elementary Mathematics
  Middle School Mathematics  
Mathematics - Kindergarten Word          PDF Mathematics - Grade 6 Word          PDF
Mathematics - Grade 1 Word          PDF Mathematics - Grade 7 Word          PDF
Mathematics - Grade 2 Word          PDF Mathematics - Grade 8 Word          PDF
Mathematics - Grade 3 Word          PDF          
Mathematics - Grade 4 Word          PDF Algebra I for 8th Grade (traditional pathway) Word          PDF
Mathematics - Grade 5 Word          PDF Math I for 8th Grade (Integrated pathway) Word          PDF
High School Mathematics - Traditional Pathway   

High School Mathematics - Integrated Math Pathway

CCR Algebra I Word          PDF Math I Word          PDF
CCR Geometry Word          PDF Math II Word          PDF
CCR Algebra II Word          PDF Math III - STEM Word          PDF
    Math III - LA (Liberal Arts) Word          PDF

* Math III -TR / Math IV-TR (Technical Readiness)

Word          PDF
** CCR Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus Word          PDF ** Math IV Word          PDF

High School Mathematics - both pathways

Calculus Word          PDF Advanced Mathematical Modeling Word          PDF
Transition Mathematics for Seniors Word          PDF STEM Readiness Mathematics Word          PDF
* Same book can be used for Math III-TR and Math IV TR
** The standards for CCR Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus and Math IV are the same, therefore the same primary instructional materials may be used for both.

If you have questions or for more information, please contact

Becky Butler, Assistant Director

Office of Middle & Secondary Learning