Frenquently Asked Questions

Social Studies Adoption

Memo Dated March 9, 2010

Re:  Change in Categories for the Social Studies Adoption

What can be included in the Social Studies samples sent to review committee members and to districts?

Samples should be limited to the following items:  Student Editions, Teacher Editions, and all digital/electronic resources included with the teacher edition. 

Can companies provide multiple CDs in conjunction with web content?

It seems logical that more than one CD might be necessary given the file size of many resources.  Web content has to be included because it is listed as part of the criteria for 21st Century instruction.  When one looks at the general criteria, it is obvious that it would be nearly impossible not to include some additional materials along with the basic teacher edition.  Companies should be selective in what they include on the CD(s) to ensure that any additional materials are, in fact, necessary for the delivery of the program.

Can companies bid bundles that include a student edition and a supplemental piece? 

Companies may bid a bundle that includes a SE and a supplemental piece as long as the cost of the supplemental piece is included in the price of the SE.  

Can any paper items accompany the teacher materials or should everything besides the SE/TE be in electronic format (CD/DVD/online) only?

All materials  that accompany the SE/TE and are necessary for the delivery of instruction should be provided in electronic format.  The exception, however, occurs when one is bundling two books for one price.

Can materials that are NOT necessary for the delivery of instruction be included on a bid?

Absolutely!  Those materials should be bid as supplemental and they may not be listed as free materials. 

How do I enter an item that is primarily in print format but includes an electronic component? 

If the primary component is in print format, the item should be bid as a print resource.  Likewise, if the primary component is in electronic fornat, bit the item as such.


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