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Leaders of Literacy
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Get Involved

County Early Literacy Teams will be formed across the state in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, consider the following ideas based on your role.

I'm a Parent

  • Read or share stories with your child
  • Make books available for your child
  • Be a reading role model
  • "Unplug" – set aside a time each day to turn off the electronics and interact with your child
  • Participate in school and community activities
  • Participate in adult literacy programs or complete your GED

I'm a Member of My Community

  • Volunteer as a reader in your community (school, preschool, day care, after school care, waiting room of a physician or WIC office)
  • Contact your county‚Äôs literacy team to offer support
  • Donate to schools, libraries, or organizations in your area that are supporting literacy events
  • Engage civic organizations
  • Advocate for family literacy at the local and state policy level

I'm a Business Owner

  • Initiate/Sponsor local literacy events
  • Offer opportunities for your employees to get involved in literacy events (e.g., flextime, employee-led tutoring, workplace literacy programs, mentoring)
  • Support schools and teachers
  • Adopt a school or library
  • Develop partnerships with literacy organizations
  • Donate to literacy initiatives