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REPORTS TO: School Principal  
I. The teacher shall implement the programs of study. The performance criteria for this area shall include: 
A. Bases instruction on adopted curricula for the school. 
B. Demonstrates accurate and current knowledge in subject field. 
C. Develops appropriate lessons to teach instructional objectives. 
D. Employs a variety of instructional strategies to augment achievement. 
E. Uses content scope and sequence in planning. 
II. The teacher fosters a virtual classroom climate conducive to learning. The performance criteria for this area shall include: 
A. Follows established school discipline procedures that include West Virginia Board of Education Policy 4373, Student Code of Conduct. 
B. Establishes procedures and rules that enhance learning. 
C. Encourages students' attendance. 
D. Sets high positive expectations for student performance. 
E. Encourages and acknowledges individual student accomplishments and appropriate behavior. 
F. Treats students in a fair and equitable manner. 
G. Accommodates individual learning differences. 
H. Creates and maintains an environment that supports learning. 
I. Communicates with parents. 
III. The teacher utilizes instructional management systems models via technolgy that increase student learning. The performance criteria for this area shall include: 
A. Prepares and implements lesson plans. 
B. Begins lesson or instructional activity with a review of previous material as appropriate. 
C. Has materials, supplies and equipment ready at the start of the lesson or instructional activity. 
D. Introduces the instructional activity and specifies instructional objectives. 
E. Directs and adequately supervises students to be on task quickly at the beginning of each instructional activity. 
F. Presents reading, writing, speaking, and listening strategies using concepts and language that students understand. 
G. Provides relevant examples and demonstrations to illustrate concepts and skills. 
H. Assigns developmentally appropriate tasks. 
I. Provides instructional pacing that ensures student understanding. 
J. Maximizes student time-on-task. 
K. Makes effective transitions between instructional activities. 
L. Summarizes the main point(s) of the instructional activity. 
M. Encourages students to express ideas clearly and accurately. 
N. Incorporates higher level thinking skills. 
O. Assists students to develop productive work habits and study skills, enabling communication with parents as needed. 
P. Provides remediation activities for students. 
Q. Designs, delivers, and assesses student learning activities addressing the state adopted instructional goals and objectives. 
R. Integrates a variety of technology applications and learning tools to augment student achievement. 
IV. The teacher monitors student progress towards mastery of instructional goals and objectives. The performance criteria for this area shall include: 
A. Gathers, stores, and monitors data related to student learning for use in assessing progress toward achieving the instructional objectives. 
B. Follows grading policies and regulations. 
C. Maintains accurate and complete student records.  
D. Monitors and evaluates student progress. 
E. Provides feedback on student work. 
F. Monitors student attendance. 
V. The teacher communicates effectively within the educational community, and with parents on a regular basis. The performance criteria in this area shall include: 
A. Communicates student progress according to established procedures and policies. 
B. Communicates regularly and effectively with students, co-workers, parents/guardians, and the community, and exhibits appropriate interactive skills. 
C. Follows confidentiality procedures regarding students, parents/guardians, and fellow staff members. 
D. Speaks and writes standard English clearly, correctly, and distinctly. 
E. Determines and utilizes appropriate community resources. 
VI. The teacher meets professional responsibilities. The performance criteria for this area shall include: 
A. Adheres to established laws, policies, rules, and regulations. 
B. Interacts appropriately with students, other educational personnel, and parents. 
C. Participates in activities that foster professional growth. 
D. Is punctual with reports, grades, records, and in reporting work. 
E. Performs assigned duties. 
F. Strives to meet county/school goals. 
G. Commands respect by example in appearance, manners, behavior and language. 
VII. The teacher demonstrates competency in the knowledge and implementation of technology standards. The performance criteria shall include: 
A. Demonstrates a sound understanding of technology operations and concepts. 
B. Plans and designs effective learning environments and experiences supported by technology. 
C. Implements curriculum plans that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning. 
D. Applies technology to facilitate a variety of effective assessment and evaluation strategies. 
E. Uses technology to enhance productivity and professional practice. 
F. Understands the social, ethical, legal and human issues surrounding the use of technology in PreK-12 schools and applies that understanding in practice. 
1. Provides individual and/or group instruction. 
2. Attends Eligibility Committee Meetings/IEP meetings upon notification of the building principal or special education director. 
3. Prepares individual education plans (IEPs) stating goals and objectives for each student receiving services. 
4. Reviews and revises the IEPs annually. 
5. Maintains valid and up-to-date student records. 
6. Communicate with parents and students at regular intervals regarding student’s academic progress and educational needs. 
7. Maintain student records and send student progress reports to parents as required. 
8. Attends and/or participates in special education in-service/continuing education and other staff development activities. 
9. Informs the principal/special education director of concerns or potential problems regarding the program. 
10. Submits requisitions for materials to the building principal. 
11. Maintains an inventory of materials purchased to serve special students. 
12. Maintains professional standards in compliance with the laws, procedures, and policies set forth in federal, state, and county regulations. 
13. Develop and maintain virtual classroom assignments, curriculum, and project based learning activities, based on individual student IEP goals and area of exceptionality.  

Job Location or School Name
Gilmer County Schools

Glenville, WV


West Virginia Certification in Special Education Gifted 1-8. Qualifies or agrees to qualify as a “Highly Qualified Teacher”. Possess the knowledge, skills and ability to successfully carry out responsibilities of the position.

Based on Professional Salary Scale for Degree and Experience

Closing Date

P13-001-11 SUBMIT: Appl; Copy of WV Tchg Cert; Current transcripts for undergraduate and graduate work; Previous two evals. Current employees submit Bid Sheet. Incomplete appl packets will not be considered. 

Apply to
Judith Stalnaker, 
Personnel Director 
Gilmer County Schools 
201 N. Court Street 
Glenville, WV 26351 
Fax: 304-462-5103

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