Radio Announcements

Helpful Hints

  • Identify several students to record the radio spot.
  • Contact your local country radio station to secure slots.
  • WVDE research shows that more West Virginians tune into county radio stations than any other format.
  • Ideally, the radio station will agree to rotate the spots for free as a public service announcement.
  • You also may want to tap into your community/business partners and ask that they sponsor the radio advertisements.
  • For guidance on specifications and expected pricing, contact Liza Cordeiro, executive director, WVDE Communication Office ( / 304-558-2699)

Sample Script

Hi I’m ___________________, a student at ___________________ school in ______________ county. Bullying is aggressive behavior which happens over and over again to the same person. We all have a role in stopping bullying. It Does Matter what you say and do. So start the conversation by visiting That's A message brought to you by ________________ County Schools and the West Virginia Department of Education.