Interpretation's Date: January 28, 1991
by superintendent Henry Marockie
Section: III. County Educational Administration
SubSection: A. County Boards of Education



January 28, 1991

Ms. Joycie Hensley
Route 1, Box 574
Harts, West Virginia 25524

Dear Ms. Hensley:

You have asked what to do about your personnel grievance which the Board of Education of the County of Logan has had since October 16, 1990, yet has not decided.

Ask the board to make a decision. If it does not do so within some reasonable time, then consider appealing to a hearing examiner of the Education and State Employees' Grievance Board or to the Circuit Court of Logan County.

Hoping that I have been of service, I am,



Henry Marockie
State Superintendent of Schools


cc: Mr. Wesley Martin
Logan County Schools

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