Interpretation's Date: February 27, 1991
by superintendent Henry Marockie
Section: VI. School Construction, Buildings, and Sites

February 27, 1991

The Honorable Mario J. Palumbo
Attorney General
State of West Virginia
State Capitol Complex
Room E-26
Charleston, West Virginia 25305

Dear Mr. Palumbo:

My office has been asked by Mr. James C. Spears, Executive Director of the James Rumsey Vocational-Technical Center, that your office review and reconsider or clarify the enclosed 45 Op. Atty. Gen. 66 (1952) which was reported on September 29, 1952, because that opinion has been treated as saying that a county board of education need not obtain a building permit from a municipality. Although the opinion's conclusion appears to be narrower, it, nevertheless, has been treated in the public school system as having reached that conclusion.*

A copy of Director Spears' letter is enclosed.

Thanking you in advance, I am,



Henry Marockie
State Superintendent of Schools

Enclosures (2)

cc: Mr. James C. Spears
Executive Director
James Rumsey
Vocational-Technical Center


* In fact, the Michie Publishing Co. writes in its annotations to W.Va. Code 18-5-5: "A county board of education need not obtain a building permit from a municipality, being a public corporation." 45 Op. Atty. Gen. 66 (1952). (Enclosed.)

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