Interpretation's Date: February 8, 1993
by superintendent Henry Marockie
Section: VI. School Construction, Buildings, and Sites

February 8, 1993

Mr. William R. Chaffin
Councilman, City of Kenova
1008 Poplar Street
Kenova, West Virginia 25530

RE: School_Closings_and_Consolidation

Dear Mr. Chaffin:

You have asked in regard to consideration being given by the Wayne County Board of Education to closing Ceredo-Kenova, Buffalo and Vinson High Schools and construction of a consolidated high school in their place:

"How can the county (board of education) egally close three schools in favor of a consolidated high school where new buildings were built with bond levy money and that particular bond has not been retired?"

Funding has been requested from the School Building Authority.

Decisions about closing, consolidation and merger of schools are within the authority of the county board of education to make -- subject to approval by the West Virginia Board of Education. Please refer to W.Va. Code 18-5-13 and 13a. A copy of your letter will be put in the appropriate file so that it will be available to the State Department of Education as this matter is reviewed.

Hoping that I have been of service, I am



Henry Marockie
State Superintendent of Schools


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