Interpretation's Date: April 19, 1999
by superintendent Henry Marockie
Section: V. Personnel
SubSection: C. Service Personnel



April 19, 1999

Ronald J. Ujcich
Transportation Director
Brooke County Schools
1201 Pleasants Avenue
Wellsburg, West Virginia 26070

RE: Use of Mechanics as Substitute Bus Drivers

Dear Mr. Ujcick:

I am in receipt of your request for a Superintendent's Interpretation regarding whether your mechanics who have CDL certification and passenger endorsement certification to drive school buses can serve as substitute bus drivers.

I spoke with Wayne Clutter, Executive Director, School Transportation and Facilities, West Virginia Department of Education regarding your question. He indicated that many school districts are using mechanics as substitutes. Consequently, there is no prohibition to using your mechanics as substitute bus drivers.

For due notification to the mechanics and to insure the agreement of the mechanics to your proposal, it is suggested that you include the duties of the substitute bus driver in the contract of the mechanics.

Hoping that I have been of service, I am



Henry Marockie
State Superintendent of Schools


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