Interpretation's Date: February 8, 1991
by superintendent Henry Marockie
Section: V. Personnel
SubSection: A. Professional Personnel



February 8, 1991

Mr. Thomas C. Patton
Division of State Planning
Texas Education Agency
1701 North Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78701-1494

Dear Mr. Patton:

You have asked whether West Virginia " . . . recognizes teaching experience in private schools for (1) salary increment purposes, (2) teacher certification requirements; or (3) teacher retirement benefits." You have also asked for our school directory.

The school directory has already been sent to you. Your letter will be sent to the State Teachers' Retirement Board for an answer to your retirement benefits questions.

Teaching experience for pay increment purposes can be gained from work done in a private school according to W.Va. Code 18A-4-1(1) because it is an established educational institution; however, the teacher must either be licensed to teach or at least have a bachelor's degree (Code 18A-4-1 and my transmittal letter to STRB are enclosed).

With respect to teacher certification, if an individual has taught in a private school while holding a teaching certificate issued by the State of Texas, then that teaching experience would count toward satisfaction of certification requirements in West Virginia.

Hoping that I have been of service, I am,



Henry Marockie
State Superintendent of Schools

Enclosures (2)

cc: Mr. Willard M. Ansel
Executive Secretary
State Teachers' Retirement Board

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