Interpretation's Date: April 11, 2001
by superintendent David Stewart
Section: V. Personnel
SubSection: A. Professional Personnel



April 11, 2001

John G. Hudson
Assistant Superintendent
Boone County Schools
69 Avenue B
Madison, West Virginia 25130

Dear Mr. Hudson:

I am in receipt of your request for a Superintendent's Interpretation regarding pay scales and years of experience for school nurses. You asked:

"Is an employee hired as a school nurse for a school system entitled to be paid for years of experience earned as an employee of a local hospital? If the answer is yes, does the employee earn experience only for the years in which he/she possessed a B.S. degree?"

This same question previously was answered in a Superintendent's Interpretation addressed to Dr. Joseph L. Mace, Superintendent of Lewis County Schools, dated November 1, 1991. There have been no other interpretations of this issue since November 1, 1991. A copy of the interpretation is attached for your review.

Hoping that I have been of service, I am



David Stewart
State Superintendent of Schools



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