Power Standards

Power Standards represent the “safety net” of objectives each teacher needs to make sure that every student learns prior to leaving the current grade. Students who acquire this “safety net” of understanding, knowledge and skills will thus exit one grade better prepared for the next grade.


An aligned and balanced assessment system is critical to the success of a standards-focused PBL experience. To assist with the development of an aligned assessment system within each project, we support the identification of learning targets for each objective. We further support the teachers’ review of the depth of knowledge measure for each objective. These measures are available for all reading, English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies objectives. Studying the depth of knowledge required in each objective will allow the teacher to validate that the student’s learning experiences within the project are designed to develop the expected depth of knowledge for each objective. When building meaningful and relevant benchmark assessments, teachers must focus on the learning targets within each of the objectives represented by the power standards.


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