A rubric is a scoring guide that enables the teacher and others to make reliable judgments about a student product or performance while also allowing students to self assess their work. Based on a continuum of performance quality, the rubric identifies the key traits or dimensions from the content, learning skills or technology tools standards and objectives to be examined and assessed.

When a rubric is well-defined, learners know exactly what is expected of them and how they can achieve the top grade. When the expectations remain consistent across a school or within a classroom, the students understand how to develop a plan for continuous growth and the rubric becomes an ongoing part of the whole teaching and learning experience.

When assessing major group or individual products or performances, it is important that the assessment be based upon an analytic trait rubric. Other rubrics, such as criterion-based performance checklists, or holistic rubrics, may be used for other less important tasks.  The analytic trait rubric helps students better understand the quality of work expected.

On this page we have provided links to WV Writing Rubrics and other rubrics you may wish to use with Project Based Learning (PBL) or other instructional designs in your classroom.

WV Writing Rubrics

Collaboration Rubric

Presentation Rubric

Critical Thinking and Reasoning Rubric