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Policy 2520.2B - Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives for Mathematics in West Virginia Schools

Policy 2520.2B - West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Mathematics

  Effective July 1, 2016

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SMARTER Balanced

West Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics



Middle Level Guidance

High School Guidance inclusive of state-wide waiver for integrated / traditional mathematics pathways


Pre K-2

Next Generation WV CSOs Resources         



                        First Grade

                        Second Grade

Grades 3-5

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                       Third Grade

                        Fourth Grade

                        Fifth Grade

Grades 6-8

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                       Sixth Grade

                       Seventh Grade

                       Eighth Grade

Grades 9-12

As long as algebra and geometry have been separated, their progress have been slow and their uses limited; but when these two sciences have been united, they have lent each mutual forces, and have marched together towards perfection.

                                                                                           Joseph Louis Lagrange 1736-1813

Description of Math I, II, & III for Educators and Parents

Next Generation WV CSOs Resources       

                        High School Math 1

                        High School Math 2

                        High School Math 3

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