Kit-Based Science (SIMPLE)

Science with Inquiry Modules and Problem-based Learning Experiences (SIMPLE), program is a problem-based, inquiry-centered, hands-on professional development for elementary teachers and teachers of special education.   SIMPLE is based on four (4) kit-based science modules per grade level that are developmentally appropriate in the following science integrated disciplines: Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.  Each kit contains all of the materials, both consumable and non consumable, necessary for the unit.  These kits will be stored, refurbished, collected and delivered by staff at a WVDE established warehouse.

The modules have been developed using the prototype from the Delaware Science Coalition, ten years of research and resources from the West Virginia Handle on Science Project (WVHOS) currently funded by a Benedum Grant (previously funded by a National Science Foundation grant) in West Virginia’s RESA 6  and work with the June Harless Center has been utilized.

The following matrix shows the suggested modules by grade level.  A total of 28 modules will be developed and integrated within the WV CSOs.


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4



Animals Two by Two

Balls and Ramps



Solids and Liquids

New Plants

Soils/ Pebbles, Sand and Silt

Comparing and Measuring


Weather/ Air and Weather

Life Cycle of Butterflies/ Insects


Balancing & Weighing/ Balance & Motion


Earth Materials


Structures of Life

Lifting Heavy Things


Sounds/ Physics of Sound

Land And Water

Magnetism and Electricity

Animal Studies


Models and Design

Magnets ad Motors




Levers and Pulleys

Mixtures and Solutions

Ecosystems/ Environments

Measuring Time

Training year






Year One:     50 master trainers in Module 1

Year Two:     50 master trainers in Module 2   + 500 teachers in Module 1

Year Three:  50 master trainers in Module    +   500 teachers in Module 2   + 700 teachers in Module 1

Benefits: Increase in Science achievement scores and increase in Reading achievement on all levels.  Delaware state science scores in the past 8 years experienced a gradual and consistent yearly gain in the percent of students achieving mastery and above: 1% for 4th grade, 3% for 6th grade, 3% for 8th grade, and 3% for 11th grade.  Over the same period Delaware’s state reading scores experienced overall gains:  20% for 3rd grade, 27% for 5th grade, and 20% for 8th grade.

The hands-on activities motivate students to learn and prepare them for deeper levels of scientific investigation and understanding in secondary education. 

Alignment of 1st Kits to WV Science, Mathematics and Reading Language Arts CSOs

Alignment of 2nd Kits to WV Science, Mathematics and Reading Language Arts CSOs


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