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In March 2006, teams of master teachers were assembled to develop the 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools.  After thoroughly studying national and international standards and assessments, the teachers began writing.  When the CSOs were completed, the Department sought external state and national reviews and comment. The CSOs were reviewed by a variety of groups and experts who included local and national content experts and business and community members. Members of the Partnership for 21st Century Skills reviewed the CSOs and provided feedback to the Department based on 21st century content, rigor, and context. Additionally, Dr. Norman Webb of the University of Wisconsin reviewed the standards to determine the Depth of Knowledge for each of the objectives and provided comments to the WVDE on how to increase the rigor in the CSOs by grade level. These comments were studied and used to improve the quality of the grade-level CSOs. A third review of the standards was compiled by Dr. William Schmidt of the University of Michigan; this commented on the standards as they aligned to the TIMSS frameworks. The comments from the reviews were studied and adjustments to the CSOs were made when deemed appropriate. After a number of revisions, the Content Standards and Objectives (CSOs) were placed on further comment to West Virginia educators. All comments were collected and studied for final revisions. The CSOs were presented to and adopted by the West Virginia State Board.  The 21st Century Content Standards and Objectives for West Virginia Schools went into effect on July 1, 2008.

ACHIEVE Alignment Study

WV English Language Arts Response to Achieve Report

WV Mathematics Response to Achieve Report

NAEP Alignment Studies

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U.S. History

World History Grade 4

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Schmidt Analysis of Mathematics

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Analyses of WV Mathematics and Science

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