Arts Content Standards and Objectives

West Virginia’s revised and adopted dance, music, theatre and visual art content standards and objectives (CSOs) and performance descriptors are available in an interactive format posted online. The interactive CSOs for all content areas are available at this link:  Or by following the discpline specific links below:




Visual Arts:


National Arts Standards


Anchor standards for College and Career Readiness


Project Based Learning plans for dance, music, theatre and visual art are also posted on the Teach 21 website and can be searched here:


Guidance for Building a Program

Working with exemplary West Virginia arts teachers, the West Virginia Department of Education has prepared a guidance document intended to help guide schools and districts in providing rich arts experiences for their students.  You may view the document here: "Building a Comprehensive Arts Program."

In addition, there have been some supporting documents prepared specifically for secondary instrumental ensemble teachers.  These have been specifically prepared to help novice band and orchestra teachers select quality repertoire for their programs:

Recommended Repertoire - Band

Recommended Repertoire - Orchestra

The document goes far beyond the minimum requirements of policy and describes arts programs best suited to serve student needs.  Please feel free to use and share this document with others as we work toward our aspiration of "Good kids doing great work!"


SEADAE White Paper

The State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE) has published a white paper entitled "Roles of Certified Arts Educators, Certified Non-Arts Educators,& Providers of Supplemental Arts Instruction."  The paper was written to provide guidance to schools on the unique roles of these three groups in providing sequential, standards-based arts education as part of the core curriculum.  As outlined in the WVDE's own "Building a Comprehensive Arts Program," these three groups are essential in a true arts education.

Arts educators and administrators are encouraged to use this document to guide decision-making in school arts programs.


Art and Music in West Virginia Elementary Schools  - 2011 Report

In 2011, the WVDE Office of Instruction completed a report with recommendations to the state superintendent about the quality of instruction in art and music at the elementary level.  Specifically, the report addresses:

Click here to view the report. You may click here to view the accompanying tables.


Master List of State Arts Standards

This list is available on the public side of the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education website (SEADAE).   If you are interested in learning more about what your colleagues are doing across the nation, go to and click on "about us" and "regional representation." Below the link to the list you will find a list of states by Region and the SEADAE regional contact.  Click on any state to access their arts standards.