Writing Modules

 "When students write more frequently, their ability to think, reason,

analyze, communicate and perform on tests will improve.

Writing is critical to student achievement."

Douglas Reeves, Founder of the Leadership and Learning Center

     West Virginia Writes is the state-wide professional development in writing for RESAs, administrators and teachers in the areas of process writing, writing assessment (rubrics), content-area writing, on demand writing, and technology and writing in the 21st century.    Recent research provides the most successful practices in writing such as, students need more writing practice and students need to write for authentic purposes and for authentic audiences.  Yet, despite such findings, recent studies find that students are asked to write infrequently, within a narrow range of genres and for limited purposes.  Equally important, 21st century writing is a basic requirement for participation in civic life and in the global economy.  Writing is thinking, constructing compelling arguments, showing awareness of audience and purpose, and capturing creative moments--a challenging task. A task that teachers can learn through embedded professional learning in their work with students.

     Since few teachers have been formally trained in how to teach writing or what writing strategies to use in their content area classes, the following state-wide and school-wide efforts are in place to improve the teacher’s ability to teach writing and in the same process, improve their students’ quality of writing:



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