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2004 Office of Institutional Education Programs
Teacher of the Year

Wanda Wilson
Special Education Teacher, Baroursville School

Wanda is a Special Education teacher at Barboursville School in Barboursville , West Virginia . She has been an employee with the West Virginia Department of Education since July 1984, when the Barboursville School opened. The Barboursville School is a residential psychiatric treatment facility for youth ages 12-18. Wanda's primary teaching focus at Barboursville is language arts. She is, however, also very involved in the implementation of the social skills curriculum - Transition to Life Choices. Wanda has conducted staff development for other facilities in the implementation of for career awareness as well as utilization of the Writing Assessment. She currently serves on the OIEP Writing Assessment Standards Committee. She has provided her leadership to Barboursville for many years having been directly involved in its program development and has served her peers as Faculty Advisor President numerous times. Wanda makes her home in Lincoln County where she has served as a member of the volunteer fire department and volunteers with the Red Cross.