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2008 CEA, Region II
Teacher of The Year

Steven W. Logan
Business/Computer Teacher, Mt. Olive Correction Complex

Steve Logan is the Business/Computer Teacher at Mount Olive Correctional Center where he has been offering classes for inmates since October 2003. Sixteen courses are college articulated offerings through WVUTech Institute, while a few other course offerings serve other than college interested students. Prior to Mount Olive, Steve Logan was a full-time university instructor for four years in Ogden, Utah, having taught in the Department of Information Systems & Technologies, Goddard School of Business & Economics, at Weber State University, and he was a professor for 15 years in California at Saddleback College, having taught in the Computer Management & Information Department, School of Business Science. Steve has more than ten years of high school teaching experience (business & speech), as well as a number of years of hands-on technical experience where he was employed in business and industry (public utility company in Utah), and a defense firm in California. Steve currently lives with his wife in Raleigh County, and has one high school age son and a son in his first year of college at WVU in Morgantown. Steve and his family own a beautiful white-haired, Samoyed male dog named Scooby, and a 14-year-old cat, named Carina. Finally, Steve has a married son residing in Alexandria, Virginia, and has two precious grandsons, ages two and four.