Lakin Correctional Center

Correctional Center

11264 Ohio River Road

West Columbia, WV 25287

 Phone: (304) 674-2440

Fax: (304) 675-1079



The Department of Education at Lakin Correctional Center is dedicated to providing excellence in education to our students
through a variety of programs. Our goal is to empower women with the skills necessary to enhance learning resulting in
lifelong achievement and success. 

Lori Loomis
Lead Teacher

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Employee: Title: E-Mail:
Bekeshka, Theresa

Chamber, Lisa

Affective Skills/Adult Education

Ferguson, Kelly

Adult Education Instructor

Grimes, Dorinda

Special Needs Instructor

Peyton, Kellie

Culinary Arts Instructor

Skidmore, Steven

Cosmetology Instructor

Smith, Lesa

Business Education Instructor