Elkins Mountain School Campus

Elkins Mountain School
100 Bell Street
Elkins, WV 26241
Fax: (304) 637-0314


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The Elkins Mountain School will offer students a nurturing learning environment where they are inspired to grow
in character and intellect.  Here, students will receive support in becoming life-long learners who are prepared to
thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Student success is our goal!

Jeremy Tenney

EMAIL our Principal

Employee: Title: E-Mail:
Aunkst, Richard Math Teacher raunkst@k12.wv.us
Barcus, Kimberly

Social Studies Teacher


Davis, Angelia CIEL Instructor angelia.davis@k12.wv.us
Gullo, Marianne Secretary II mgullo@k12.wv.us
Hoffman, Amy Title I Interventionist ahoffman@k12.wv.us
Hawkins, Laura Science Teacher lehawkins@k12.wv.us
Jeffries, Heidi English/Language Arts Teacher hjeffries@k12.wv.us
Kniley, Martin Career Exploration/Tech Ed Teacher mkiniley@k12.wv.us
Marks, Leslie Reading Teacher lmarkss@k12.wv.us
Layfield, Josh Special Education jmlafie@k12.wv.us
Mahoney, Kathryn School Counselor kdmahone@k12.wv.us
Strother, Penny Transition Specialist pstrother@k12.wv.us
Vacant Math Interventionist @k12.wv.us
Wagoner, Mickey Classroom Aide nmwagoner@k12.wv.us
Warner, Russ Physical Ed / Special EdTeacher rwarner@k12.wv.us