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Barboursville School - 2005 West Virginia School of Excellence

(Pictured from left to right-Front: Charles Buell, Deborah Mobley, Vikki See, Wanda Wilson, Helen Bean, Teddie Hanna. 

Back: Mike Parsons, William DesRochers, Jeremy Brunty, Barsha Dickerson.)

On May 17, 2005 State Superintendent Dr. David Stewart announced that seventeen schools in West Virginia had been awarded the distinct honor of becoming a West Virginia School of Excellence.

In order for a school in West Virginia to achieve this honor, several aspects of that school must meet extremely high standards, including a rigorous and challenging curriculum, a safe and drug-free learning environment, participatory leadership, active teaching and learning, an environment that strengthens teacher skills, documented student achievement and implementation of advanced and innovative programs.

The Barboursville School in Barboursville , West Virginia earned the right to be part of that list this year. The Barboursville School 's commitment to excellence and high quality instruction marks the first time an OIEP school has been named as a West Virginia School of Excellence.

Led by Principal Charles Buell, this team of teachers and instructional support staff has consistently raised the bar not only in OIEP schools, but in schools across this great state. Helen Bean, Jeremy Brunty, Wanda Wilson, and Deborah Mobley embrace learning for all through their engaging lessons in their respective content areas. William DesRochers fills two roles as both a social studies teacher and a school counselor. The support staff of Barsha Dickerson, Mike Parsons, Vikki See, and Teddie Hanna offer invaluable assistance throughout the educational model. The team approach and effort by everyone at the Barboursville School really have made this award as well as the continued success of the school possible.

Charlie Buell says of his staff, “The staff is very excited to have been recognized in this manner. While going through the school-improvement study was extraordinarily labor intensive, the process made us all more effective educators. This is the best crew of individuals with whom I've ever been associated, and I am very proud of every one of them.”


Congratulations from everyone at the Office of Institutional Education Programs and our schools throughout the field to the Barboursville School on becoming a West Virginia School of Excellence. Your success is the benchmark we should all strive to achieve.

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