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Principals and Lead Teachers are using eWalk

What is eWalk?

eWalk is a tool used by principals, curriculum specialists and other administrative staff to collect and analyze data collected during walkthrough observations using a handheld device such as a PDA.

eWalk allows the user to customize templates to gather data on any area; from instructional practices in the classroom to student engagement and lesson differentiation. 

What can administrators do with eWalk?

· District-wide walk-through data collection / analysis
· Team-building focused on measuring organizational goals
· Inspections, mileage forms, maintenance records
· Interviews and surveys
· Informal evaluation of individual’s performance, behavior


1. Learn more about instruction and learning
2. Validate effective practice and ensure continued use
3. Create a community of learners for adults and children
4. Open the school and classroom to all staff
5. Focus teachers and the principal on student work and the learning process
6. Improve decision making about instruction and learning
7. Design more useful professional growth opportunities


Posted: January 28, 2009