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Biggest Losers at White Oak

Working as a team makes everyone’s job a little easier. The Pressley Ridge at White Oak teachers and staff pride themselves on working as a team to reach a common goal, and this past January, a few of them took it a step further. Every year, many of the Pressley Ridge facilities compete in a Biggest Loser Competition. The idea was taken from the popular television show Biggest Loser which is now in its ninth season. This year six educators from Pressley Ridge School at White Oak decided take the weight loss challenge and formed their own team called the “Slim Gems.” Randa Stansberry, Pam Bauman, Erin Goudy, Shannon Ferrebee, Bret Powell, and Sandy Brown paid $15 each and embarked on a 15 week weight loss journey.

Throughout the next fifteen weeks, team members supported each other in the weight loss challenge. Not only did they share recipes, but they also discussed weight loss articles, and even started walking to lunch together. Team members met every Wednesday morning to weigh in. Members shared in weight loss victories while also helping to support those who may have had an off week. All members feel their success was related to the support they gave each other.

The Slim Gems had amazing results. Every team member lost at least 17 pounds. The total weight loss of the six members’ totaled 163.2 pounds with 10.75% total group weight loss. The Slim Gems placed third out of the 19 teams who participated in the contest. Overall winners were Randa Stansberry placing third with 15.91% weight loss in the female category, and Sandy coming in fifth with 15.37% weight loss. The Slim Gems received $250 to spend on wellness equipment. Not only did the participants get the reward of pounds shed, but there were also cash prizes for top three teams and top five individuals, male and female. The team also received a plaque to hang in the school office. Although the reward in this situation was not the $250,000 you receive if you win on television, it was still worth the time and dedication.

Posted: June 2, 2010