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Hospitality National Restaurant Association Solutions

West Virginia Industrial Home for Youth Culinary Arts teacher Vanessa Merritt was awarded a grant in the amount of two thousand dollars for professional development. With this grant, Mrs. Merritt attended the Level 1 Summer Institute for Culinary Arts Educators and Restaurant Management in June which was held on the campus of the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina. The grant that Mrs. Merritt received helped pay for training that was made possible through WVHEAT and the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Solutions. Through this program, Mrs. Merritt expanded her culinary knowledge and skill. Mrs. Merritt said, “I’m really excited about this opportunity and what I will be bringing back to my students. I will be increasing my knowledge of different cooking methods, culinary basics, and dining room service skill to name a few. I will also be networking with other educators
and learning from industry experts.” In addition, Mrs. Merritt had the opportunity to tour other restaurants and facilities and received tools that will enhance the educational experience for her students. There are three more levels to the Summer Institute, held at various locations each summer. Mrs. Merritt was very thankful for this opportunity and is looking forward to completing each level in the coming years. Mrs. Merritt said, “My students will be the greatest benefactors through all of this. “The prospect of enhancing their learning through my own is what excites me most.”

Posted: August 2, 2010