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On December 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2009, ten OIEP juvenile and adulteducators attended “Train the Trainer” instruction hosted by the
WV Industrial Home and presented by Dr. Ruby Payne. Dr. Payne is “The Leading U.S. Expert on the Mindsets of Poverty, Middle Class and Wealth” and has presented nationally and internationally on the topic of the distinctions of class differences and interventions that teachers and administrators can use to more effectively educate their students. We
received startling statistics about U.S. poverty and the impact that it has on the ability to communicate and the cultural barriers that poor communities face when attempting to build relationships, receive an education, apply or maintain employment and navigate through a mainstream middle class society.

In addition to the statistics, Dr. Payne examined“Hidden Rules” of poverty, middle class and wealth and the trainers participated in a quiz to determine whether we, as participants, would know how to survive in each.

The importance of this activity is to illustrate to educators that we need to be keenly aware of each of the class rules so that we are able to relate more effectively with our students and parents. We also explored the intensive differences in family dynamics and appropriate classroom management interventions and what it is that we can do to improve our instruction while simultaneously improving student achievement both in the classroom and in their communities.

The trainers will be responsible for implementing the curriculum in each of their facilities and provide instruction to the institutions located within their quadrant. A timeline has been established for each trainer to submit an implementation plan for their home school by January 15th and statewide training will occur during 2010 throughout OIEP and their host agencies.

Kari L Rice
Posted:January 5, 2010