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Academic/Life Skills instructor, Vicky Pelley
moved into her new position as the Transition
Skills Instructor effective January 2010. Her new
instructional role includes Thinking for a Change,
99 Days & a Get Up, College 101 and the complete
Hit the Ground Running curriculum with an emphasis
on the WorkKeys component for releasing

Ms. Pelley created a unique advertisement/
recruitment tool for the College 101 program.
She developed a personal invitation for the
Regional Jail female population outlining the
program syllabus, pre requisite requirements,
length of duration (class schedule) and that it would
culminate in 3 credit hours via WVU-P. She
presented the personal invitations to Mr.
Rice’s class of female refresher students.
The perspective students were so impressed with
their special invitation and Ms. Pelleys orientation
for the class that she immediately began receiving
enroll ment requests. She also gave the female
students extra invitations to distribute in
their respective living areas as part of the
recruiting technique.

Other avenues of recruitment included
the facility closed circuit TV monitors that
are dispersed throughout the living areas.
A special bulletin board and flyers were posted in
the hallway outside of Ms. Pelley’s classroom.
An updated Regional Jail Inmate Education Referral
form listing the new programs available along with
the coordinated brochure is being printed and
presented to Regional Jail inmates during initial intake
at the facility. A revised NCF/DOC student
brochure is in process also.

The WorkKeys certification program will extend
to the Ohio County Correctional Center as
well. This state level/pre-employment training certification
(s) will be offered as a Career & Technical
pre-release opportunity for this population.
Successful completers can earn a Ready-to-Work
and/or WV Career Readiness credentials that are
nationally recognized certifications in important
workplace skills. Recruitment at OCCC has begun
with the revision of the OCCC Student Brochure
and posted advertisement being developed for
the program.

Posted:May 12, 2010