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Transition: Providing Links in the Chain


After a year or so of collaboration with Title 1 and Title 3, host agencies OIEP is proud to announce that we have 4 new part time Transition Specialists. These positions were created to focus on transitioning our students from placement back into their home schools and communities while they follow up with each student for 12 months. A specialized database was developed to gather information so that we have a better idea of what it is that our kids really need and what it is that allows them to be successful before, during and after their transition.

Our 4 Title 1 schools include the WV Industrial Home for Youth (Harrison County), Pressley Ridge Grant Gardens (Cabell County), Pressley Ridge White Oak (Wood County) and the Board of Child Care (Berkeley County). It just so hap­pens that geographically these schools are located within highly populated areas of WV and also where we tend to receive a large number of placements in our facilities, juvenile and adult.

Our TS’s will be attending IEP’s, MDT’s and treatment team meetings as needed, individually interviewing each student to assess their strengths and weaknesses, demographics and aiding them with developing life skills and a “life plan” which addresses their coping skills and comprehensive aftercare. The TS’s will be able to support students through maintaining communication with parents, public school and community resources.

Kari L. Rice
Coordinator of Transition Programs
Posted: June 3, 2009