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Star Lab Adventures at Davis Stuart School

The Star Lab from NASA invaded Davis Stuart School the week of March 8. During this invasion students learned about the Biological Cell, the Constellations, and Weather Patterns. Students watched "Dragonheart” the legend of the last dragon “Draco” and later learned to identify his constellation in the Star Lab. They learned the legend of Cassiopeia, her husband Cephus, and her daughter Andromeda and how to identify their constellations. They learned how to determine which month belonged with which sign of the Zodiac and to determine and identify the constellation for their own Zodiac sign. Lastly, they learned to plot points on a plane and create their own constellation and the legend to go with it.

Students also witnessed the Biological Cell up close and personal in the Star Lab. They learned how to identify the parts and the functions of those parts. They learned about mitosis and created a flip book to demonstrate the process. Last, but definitely not least, they learned the weather patterns and ocean currents of the world with an inside view in the Star Lab. They learned geography, latitude and longitude. They learned how devastating nature can be during a flood or an avalanche.

Shannon, an 11th grade student, sums up the experience with the following: “What I liked about the Star Lab is that it gives you more of a hands-on type of experience.”

Posted: June 2, 2010