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Pi Day at BOCC

On Friday, March 12, students at the Board of
Child Care School celebrated Pi Day. Pi Day is a
day for students to learn about the number Pi and its
importance to math and science. Teachers planned
out special and fun activities for their classes.

Students in math class participated in many Pi
activities with their teacher, Mr. Bernard Tritelli.
The students worked in teams of two and estimated
pi by constructing six adjacent circles ranging from
1 to 6 inches in diameter with a compass. After
making a two-dimensional graph with the ‘’x-“ and
“y-“ axes, they used lengths of yarn to measure the
circumferences of each of the circles. They then
plotted the lengths of each of the circles circumferences
by imposing yarn pieces on the circles they
constructed and stretching them out vertically, side-
by-side, on the graph they made.

The students then, using the ratio: Circumference/
Diameter, approximated Pi for each of the six
circles. Finally, when the computations were completed,
they used straight edges to connect each of
the circumferences – diameter ordered pairs on the
graph with a “dot-to-dot” line illustrating the graph
of the pi’s they approximated. The students also
watched a short Pi film on BrainPop prior to completing
the Pi day activity.

Mr. Ray Harbert, science teacher, held a contest
with each class to see who could quote the most
digits of Pi by memory. Myan E., a ninth grade student,
won the contest by memorizing thirty digits!
Mr. Harbert also allowed his students to make Pi
necklaces, hats, belts, and outfits to wear on Pi day.

In the Physical Education class, students figured
out the circumference and the area of the midcourt
circle on the basketball court with Mr. Terry
Brown. After a brief review of the digits of Pi, each
student in Ms. Linda Runion’s social studies classes
made Pi necklaces. A copy of the first 100 or so
digits of Pi was given to each student. Each number
was assigned a color by the students. Making
each necklace different though they used the same
numbers. Even though Pi day has passed, students
and teachers still wear their Pi necklaces to school!

Our Language Arts classes, with instructor Ms.
Kristi Weber, celebrated Pi Day by writing Pi-Ku’s
and Pi Limericks. Most students attacked this task
with a partner, but some students chose to work
independently. Here are a few examples of the poems
we created:

Pi is a number.
Divide by diameter.
It’s three point one four.
~Myan E., C.J N., Julian H., Hayley S.

‘Twas a favorite number of mine,
It was three point one four one five nine,
it’s a beautiful sound, its circles are
round. Pi is a wonderful sign.
~Kristina H. & Brianna W.

Students in Ms. Ashley Skavenski’s reading
class practiced their writing skills by writing stories
about things in nature that are perfectly round and
by writing Pi poems. The lines of each poem had to
correspond with the digits of Pi.

To celebrate Pi Day, the Family and Consumer
Science courses made graphic art Pi’s. They discussed
how math and science are used in FACS
careers like interior design. They also found the
area of real pies, sang songs dedication to Pi, and
solved Pi riddles. Mrs. Amy Martz-Egress, FACS
instructor, rewarded all of her student’s hard work
with Moon Pies and Oatmeal Cakes!

Posted:May 12, 2010