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Mt. Olive Welcomes Two New Teachers

Paul Baker began employment at Mt. Olive as its new Transition Skills
Teacher on March 1, 2010; and Ron Smith began as an ABE Teacher on
January 15, 2010. Both were warmly welcomed as new staff members
and are recognized as very talented educators. Paul was previously employed by the Division of Corrections as a counselor on the RSAT Unit. He has a degree in Biblical Studies and is currently working on his masters degree in Correctional Counseling. Ron has 19 years of experience as a public school teacher and was formerly employed in the English Department at Sherman High School in Boone County and has a degree in English. Both will be very busy at Mt. Olive.

Paul will be teaching Cognitive Skills I, II, & II, Opengate, 99 Days and
Anger Education and will be involved with over 100 students in the
Quality of Life Program, which is an 18-month program for segregated
students. He will also be tracking those who are paroled or discharged
from MOCC and will be overseeing the tutor program. Ron will be
teaching GED classes, HTGR Lifeskills, Assertiveness, Stress Education,
Parenting, WorkKeys and Incarceration Grief & Loss and will be taking
care of the ABE/GED component of Quality of Life. We are very
pleased to have them as part of our Education Team.

Posted: July 7, 2010