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GED Instruction at Slayton Work Camp

Chris Blake

In November, 2009, ABE Teacher Chris Blake began providing GED instruction for students at Slayton Work Camp. He began with twelve students. This number dropped to seven; and on January 13, 2010, three of these qualified to take the official GED test. All three passed the test. Two of these three will see the Parole Board on February 1. The inmates at Slayton Work Camp are considered non-violent and require minimum security. They are housed outside the fenced area and cannot be instructed or tested with the maximum security population.

Lead Teacher Kathryn Toler did not expect to be able to address the GED needs of these inmates until filling a vacant position, training a new teacher, and then assigning that teacher Work Camp responsibilities. In early November, Chris approached Kathryn and asked that he be given the added responsibility of teaching these students. He thought it would be a challenge and something very different from his 8 years of classroom experience with maximum security inmates. Two of the three had never tested before. One of Mr. Blake’s regular classroom students recently earned the distinction of being among those who passed the official GED test with a score of 3,000+. This first-time tester made 3,210 on his GED test in December. Chris is a very dedicated teacher and does a great job with all of his students. It is rewarding for him to see students achieve, especially those who will be leaving Mt. Olive and returning to the community.

Posted:February 8, 2010