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Elkins Mountain School‘s semi annual open house was held April 13th. Many parents were on hand to watch Principal JP Tenney hand out awards for good behavior, and Mrs. Mahoney to give certificates for academic honor roll. Teachers awarded certificates to the students who were the most outstanding and the most improved in each class. The host agency also gave students awards for the most helpful, most creative, and most improved.

The highlight of the event was the recognition of three GED graduates. Each graduate honored us with a speech. They were given a picture of themselves in cap and gown and the Dr. Suess book, Oh, The Places You Can Go, autographed by each teacher.

Penny Strother, Elkin’s Mountain School’s new transition specialist, told the assembled group that nine students were college bound. The highest number the sixty client facility has ever had.

Parents and guardians, case workers, and directors accompanied students on a classroom tours after the awards. Parents were afforded the opportunity to meet teachers and discuss student progress.

Elkins Mountain School has had eight GED graduates since the beginning of the school term. Four additional students have passed their pre-GED exam and will take their official tests this week. The event was held to recognize students for academic and behavioral accomplishments.

Posted: June 2, 2010