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Come On, People


In February 2009 Kari Rice submitted a proposal to Dr. Bill Cosby via Dr. Steurer,

In the interest of Black History Month each February and the election of Barack Obama as the first African American President of the United States on January 20, 2009 the West Virginia Department of Education, Office of Institutional Education Programs is proposing a state wide Come on, People! book study and a videotaped “public service announcement” by the adult student participants addressing the youth in our juvenile facilities.  The designated facilitator/ teacher of the program will encourage their adult students to involve creativity (i.e. music, art, theatre, computer technology) to connect with their audience. 

This program will serve a dual purpose.  The first being to engage the men and women currently “serving time” in West Virginia and the second, the delivery of empowerment messages that adult inmates will bring to our youth currently residing within the system.  Each adult prison will “adopt” a youth facility and address the students with Come on, People!  and its intended message.  Upon viewing their “public service announcement” the youth will be required to write “reaction” letters to the adult inmate students or the class as a whole and discuss the impact their message had on them.    For confidentiality purposes the youth will remain anonymous however the adults will be given permission to use their identities with written consent.  The target number of participants, adult and youth, is 250. 

Posted:April 9, 2009