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Beware of Scams!


Welcome to another great school year!

Phishing Scam – A mass email sent to multiple email accounts in an attempt to collect passwords and use stolen accounts for sending scams or spam to others.

Please be aware that you will almost certainly receive repeated phishing scam emails during this year. These scams are constantly being sent to WV email account owners. The scammers claim to be email administrators and ask you to click a link or reply and give your password. The scammers often say that if you do not reply your account will stop working.

Giving your password to these scams allows the scammers to take control of your email account. This results in many problems, not just for you (including identity theft if you stored any messages with personal data), but for all WV educators and students. It causes our mail servers to be overloaded by the junk mail that was sent using your account. It also results in our entire network being labeled as a spam sending domain and blacklisted by many outside organizations who no longer accept emails from anyone with an email address.

These scams often spoof legitimate email accounts. Spoofing an account makes it appear the email is from someone you trust, but when reply, the reply-to address is completely different than the from address. The scams also may include false links. The link may say it is a trusted site, but clicking it will lead you to a completely different web address. You can often spot bogus links by hovering your mouse over the link; the true address is shown when hovering over the link.

Please note that the real administrators will never, Ever, EVER ask you for your password. Any such email is a scam and should be deleted, even if it is from someone you trust. Do not reply to any email that asks for your password and do not click links that claim to allow you to upgrade your account. Being aware of these scams can protect your identity and all WV email users.

Posted:August 24, 2011