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Pressley Ridge Students = Architects of the Future

In order to develop a framework for their personal and/or educational future, students from Pressley Ridge @ White Oak Village created their own Electronic Portfolio using a PowerPoint slide show called Architects of the Future. This title was selected because our Pressley Ridge students are architects of their own future! By cre ating this portfolio, students will undertake a personal and collaborative journey of self reflection. This project focused on technology, reflection, graphic artifact collection and communication/collaboration skills.

During stage one of the project, students set up their PowerPoint portfolio demonstrating key standards of successful 21st century citizens: Planning, Learning, Interpersonal Skills, Flexibility, Decision Making, Commitment, Diversity and Flexibility. Additionally, students created supporting slides such as a title slide that showed their name and the title Architect of the Future, an Overview Slide which offered hyperlinks to all portfolio content, a Personal Life slide detailing aspects of their life outside of placement, a Pressley Slide which shared information of their time at this treat ment facility, Personal Selection #1 explaining their hobbies, Personal Selection #2 setting future goals and a Closing Slide reflecting what they had learned about themselves and PowerPoint during the creation of the project. Students had an established time frame to complete each slide which had to be met before moving on to the next stage in the project.

Stage two of the project featured selection, reflections & direction to ensure a reflective portfolio for each individual student. Students were required to provide independent written reflection for each 21st century vocabulary standard and supporting slide. The reflection requirement was designed to ensure every student demonstrated a full understanding of each standard through application of their own life experience to-date. (In other words, how the student had successfully accomplished or would accomplish each 21st century standard.) Further, students were required to reflect about what they still need to learn about each standard area and to set reasonable goals for themselves in each standard area in order to facilitate student success as a 21st century citizen. Excitingly, some students took their learning to a deeper level including reflections for each 21st century standard explaining why they thought it had been included in the portfolio project! This stage was also created to foster student understanding of how a portfolio could become a lifelong learning tool as they document their reflections and set goals for their future!

Collecting the Artifacts was established as Stage Three of the project. During this stage, the PowerPoint became a working portfolio! Students were encouraged to interject their own personality into the portfolio design. BRIEF teacher facilitated power sessions were conducted to introduce the students to various PowerPoint functions such as graphic text animation capabilities thus adding style and flair to student portfolios. Students were required to locate, document, identify and support their selection of the graphic portfolio artifacts. Graphic artifacts were required for each slide in order to demonstrate further comprehension of each 21st century standard. Students were allowed to utilize classroom scanners, digital cameras, video cameras and music to digitize artifacts. PowerPoint has the capability of making links. By adding hyperlinks on their overview slide, student projects become a more connected portfolio.


Posted:December 1, 2009