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Anthony Center School Building Construction Program
Highlighted at the
WORKFORCE WV Quarterly Meeting

WVDE at Anthony Center presented the C-tech and Building Construction Program to WORKFORCE WV / WIA Quarterly Meeting February 3, 2010. The presentation centered on the Building Construction Program and the specific class titled C-Tech or Communications Technology.

Building Construction ,Vocational Instructor, William McElwain opened the presentation explaining the selection of opportunities offered at Anthony Center. The purpose of the presentation was to share the success of Building Construction classes that are funded by the Workforce Investment Act, (WIA) grant. The communication technology, residential wiring, State Fire Marshal’s Apprenticeship test (NEC Prep), are all components of this program that students complete. Students leave Anthony Center with the ability to compete with their peers in this demanding occupational field and to proceed into today’s work force. This group was enlightened on the communication technology classes and the current demand for the wiring of the “Smart House”.

Success stories on previous students at Anthony Center where brought to the attention of the audience. The first example concerned a working apprentice mason laying bricks in Maryland, including several other completers working as apprentice electricians, all of which were working towards their Journeymen’s License and earning between $15 and $20 per hour. One recent student even took his skills directory from Anthony Center to Mountain State University to continue his career path.

The representatives at the Workforce WV / WIA Quarterly meeting gained a better understanding of the training structure of Anthony Center, communication technology instruction and the building construction program. The success stories were the highlight of the meeting. They exhibited the true value of state set-a-side programs at Anthony Center.

—Row Harman, Principal.


Posted:March 5, 2010