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CEA Audit Rates 100%


Anthony Center, Davis and the Industrial Home were audited by CEA this week.  All achieved re-accreditation, and all achieved a score of 100%!  The auditor, Bill Toller from Springfield, Mass., was highly impressed with what we do in West Virginia for our students and how we go above and beyond minimal expectations!  He was astounded at our level of commitment to excellence on behalf of our students and staff members.  He was blown away with all of our technology, and how we integrate it at every juncture.  He commented to Dr. Warsing, on Monday, that he has many audits under his belt, and that he would rate us and our documentation the best of the best he has seen. 

While all of his comments make us very proud, it is a fact that we could not provide the auditor with all of the wonderful documentation, if it were not for our teachers, principals, lead teachers, counselors and school secretaries doing what they do everyday within each of our schools.  Of course, the most important benefactor of all of those efforts is our STUDENTS!    We should all be very proud to be working within an agency that has built such a wonderful reputation, nationally, as a leader in correctional education.

Again, major pats on the back to the  Anthony Center, the Davis Center and the West Virginia Industrial Home for Youth for yet another job well done!   


Jeanette Donohew, Lead Teacher
Northern Regional Jail and Correctional Facility

Posted: May 15, 2009