> OIEP Questions from July Training

Learning Focused Schools Model:

Questions and Answers:

(The answers to these questions will be posted soon.)

The following are questions from OIEP employees out in the field in regards to the July Training on Acquisition Lesson Planning:

  1. Will there be support for individual teachers? More details on Walkthroughs. How much training and preparation is enough before evaluating? How long after will Walkthroughs be performed?

  2. How do I grade for different levels for a thematic unit? How should I grade/evaluate student work? How do we assess fairly?

  3. What is acceleration and how do I use it in my classroom?

  4. How would I most effectively post an E.Q. in a classroom where I am teaching multiple grade levels, or where I travel?  Additionally, explain one more time, the difference between an E.Q., an L.E.Q. and a Key Question.

  5. Where can we find resources for research based effective graphic organizers, acceleration and teaching strategy resources?

  6. How do I know which summarizing strategy is the best to use?

  7. How/Can do you integrate technology using the Learner Focused Model?

  8. How does this work for vocational education?

  9. Where do I find time to complete all this?