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8.  How does this work for vocational education?


  Learning-Focused instruction can be adapted to any instructional area, including vocational education.  All instructors are faced with the same question:  How do I plan and deliver instruction so that students can learn it faster and keep it longer?

  The answer to the question is to use the teaching strategies in a consistent and pervasive manner.  You must do this every day, in all content areas and in all schools.

  Remember, this is a research-based model; the strategies presented in this model have been tested and retested.  The results are always the same.  When a school uses a strategy such as graphic organizers appropriately and in a consistent an pervasive manner, academic achievement increases in that school.

  The same would be true for a vocational educator.  A building construction teacher may create a graphic organizer on how to insure that a corner is square or the shelves on a bookcase are level.  A welding teacher may have students create a summarization journal where the student welder reflects and summarizes on the days welds.  The rule is: Adapt; not adopt.  Work with your administrator and remember to be creative and to be open for change.

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