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4.  How would I most effectively post an E.Q. in a classroom where I am teaching multiple grade levels, or where I travel?  Additionally, explain one more time, the difference between an E.Q., an L.E.Q. and a Key Question.



•  When teaching multiple subjects, you most likely will want to designate a specific place within the classroom to post the E.Q. for each subject. In that way, the students will always know precisely where to look for the question.

•  If you are teaching different grade levels (as most everyone does), you will quickly see the benefits to thematic unit planning. You might have the unit E.Q. for everyone, with a separate Lesson E.Q. for the students doing differentiated activities at their individual grade level. Or, have everyone within the same L.E.Q. and modify their activities to be appropriate for them. With either approach, everyone is working within the same unit on the same things, but at their own grade or ability level.

•  If you travel, we suggest you utilize “Post-It” flip chart paper to take your E.Q. “on the road.”

•  Remember, an E.Q. is the broad learning that covers the unit (that's why we represent it with an umbrella). An L.E.Q. relates to an individual lesson within the unit and there will likely be several of them. A Key Question is a question within the lesson that breaks the learning down to an even more basic level. Think of their relationship like an outline:

I. = E.Q.

A. = L.E.Q.

1. = K.Q.

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