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Education by innovation
Elk Elementary Center Principal Cathi Bradley knows that not every student is going to earn straight A's or excel in sports. Yet each child has his own, sometimes hidden, talent. Read more


Several of the Innovation Zones schools have presented their projects around the state...Thank you

          • Penny Fisher (Putnam County Elementary Consortium) presented to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Education (LOCEA)
          • Gerry Sawrey (Cabell County Assistant Superintendent) presented at an information session held at Tamarak in Beckley
          • Tony Nichols and K.C. Russell (Cherry River Elementary) presented at an information session held at Tamarak in Beckley
          • Bev Kingrey (Nicholas County Superintendent) presented at the information session held at Clay Center in Charleston
          • Amber Boechman (Berkeley Heights Elementary) presented at the information session held at Shepardstown
          • Paul Zickefoose/staff (Beverly Elementary) presented at the WVEA fall conference

A special thanks to all who took their time to share what great things they are doing with their Innovation Zones!


Metlife Survey

Interesting findings from the NEW METLIFE SURVEY OF THE AMERICAN TEACHER! Teachers are reporting significant changes in their profession. These changes come at a time when the teaching profession faces multiple challenges, including the retirement of teachers in the baby boom generation, economic pressures, and a greater emphasis on teacher quality and student achievement. To address these challenges, career pathways in education are changing, the role of the teacher is evolving, and collaboration is being emphasized as never before!Here are just a few findings:

  • Teachers very satisfied with their careers are more likely to work in schools with higher levels of collaborative activities (39% vs. 26%) and to strongly agree that the teachers in a school share responsibility for the achievement of all students (86% vs. 72%).
  • More than half of teachers (56%) and half of principals (49%) say that some teachers in their school have a hybrid teaching role. Nearly four in ten teachers (37%) say they are interested in such a hybrid role.
  • Three-quarters of teachers (75%) say they would like to continue to work in education beyond traditional retirement from classroom teaching.

The surveys are available online at