Important Information for Teachers

YouTube Proxy

All educators and administrators with a Webtop account now have full, unfiltered access to YouTube from school computers. To access YouTube, simply go to or click on a YouTube link. When prompted, enter your Webtop username and password. YouTube will then be completely unblocked on that computer until you close your browser or when your session expires after a period of time. Individual videos can still be whitelisted as before using the form available in the Webtop. Whitelisted videos are available for anyone to view without logging in.

Please note that the YouTube Proxy Project only allows you to bypass the statewide filter. Filters implemented at the county or school level may still prevent you from accessing YouTube.

Planning Periods

W. Va. Code §18A-4-14, states, in part:

(2) Every teacher who is regularly employed for a period of time more than one-half the class periods of the regular school day shall be provided at least one planning period within each school instructional day to be used to complete necessary preparations for the instruction of pupils. Such planning period shall be the length of the usual class period in the school in which such teacher is assigned, and shall be not less than thirty minutes. No teacher shall be assigned any responsibilities during this period, and no county shall increase the number of hours to be worked by a teacher as a result of such teacher being granted a planning period subsequent to the adoption of this section.

Principals, and assistant principals, where applicable, shall cooperate in carrying out the provisions of this subsection, including, but not limited to, assuming control of the class period or supervision of students during the time the teacher is engaged in the planning period. Substitute teachers may also be utilized to assist with classroom responsibilities under this subsection: Provided, That any substitute teacher who is employed to teach a minimum of two consecutive days in the same position shall be granted a planning period pursuant to this section.

In order for teachers to be successful, it is imperative that they have adequate time to plan rich and engaging lessons for all students. The planning period conferred by W. Va. Code §18A-4-14 should be carefully guarded by administrators so that teachers may meaningfully utilize the time to its greatest benefit. The Public Employees Grievance Board has clarified that there are occasions on which teachers may properly be asked to use a portion of the planning period to participate in group planning activities such as SAT meetings, IEP meetings, joint planning and other activities used in completing the necessary preparations for the instruction of pupils. However, these occasions should be minimized and eliminated whenever possible.

For further clarification on this topic, please contact the Office of Legal Services at 304.558.3667.