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West Virginia Teacher of the Year

2014 Teacher of the Year - Erin Sponaugle


Teacher of the Year Guidelines and Application


2014 County Teacher of the Year

Cynthia Fitzwater, Barbour County Bobby Collins, McDowell County
Erin Sponaugle, Berkeley County Meagan Cahill, Mercer County
Christopher Bias, Boone County Bernice Carter, Mingo County
Donna Coombs, Braxton County Leslie Phares, Monongalia County
Scott Abercrombie, Brooke County Angela Parker, Monroe County
Donna Myers, Cabell County Anne Helmick, Morgan County
Jamela Krajeski, Clay County Kimberly Cook, Nicholas County
Vada Woodford, Gilmer County Joyce Jingle, Ohio County
Gregory Foley, Grant County Elizabeth Eddy, Pleasants County
Shane Hanna, Greenbrier County Patrick Gibson, Pocahontas County
Crystal Atkinson, Hampshire County Natalie Breedlove, Putnam County
Lynn Elliott, Hancock County Natalie Coots, Raleigh County
Jamin Hershberger, Hardy County Christine Taylor, Randolph County
Carl Carpenter, Institutional Education Christie Jarrell-Haddox, Ritchie County
Mark Anderson, Jackson County Kathy Duffield, Summers County
Karen Schnably, Jefferson County Rebecca Thomas, Tyler County
Lauren Casto, Kanawha County Brent Kimble, Upshur County
Betty Bobbitt, Lincoln County Jonathan Pollock, Wetzel County
John Godby, Logan County Judith Winans, Wood County
Jonna Kuskey, Marshall County Lisa Collins, Wyoming County
Johnathan Mayne, Mason County

1964-2004 WV State Teacher of the Year

1964 Mabel Nichols, Webster County
Jolanda Cannon, Mineral County
1965 Katherine B. Robinson, Kanawha County 1991 Rae E. McKee, Hampshire County -
(National Teacher of the Year)
1966 Doris R. Bowers, Kanawha County 1992 Beverly Hoffmaster, Berkeley County
1967 H. Dale Ridgway, Tucker County 1993 Deborah Seldomridge, Mineral County
1968 Cecil L. Miller, Raleigh County 1994 Jerry Stover, Clay County
1969 Edythe Reeder, Kanawha County 1995 Germaine Umstead, Ritchie County
1970 Lucille Ross, Hancock County 1996 Jo Ann Harman, Grant County
1971 Beatrice Gladwell, Pocahontas County 1997 Danny Prado, Marshall County
1972 Richard J. Glass, Jr., Monongalia County 1998 Susan Barrett, Nicholas County
1973 Wilbur J. Khun, Wood County 1999 Opal Morse, Mason County
1974 Myrtle Collins, Tyler County 2000 Ede Ashworth, Brooke County
1975 Marilyn Phillips Carpenter, Wood County 2001 Donna Ream, Greenbrier County
1976 Helen G. Reger, Upshur County 2002 Jeanne Gren, Monongalia County
1977 Judy Prozzillo, Marion County 2003 Mary Kay Devono, Harrison County
1978 Florena Colvin, Logan County 2004 David Soltesz, Marshall County
1979 E. Jane Dillard, Logan County 2005 Jason Hughes, Pleasants County
1980 Martha D. Cole, Kanawha County 2006 Bridget Call, Mingo County
1981 Roseanna Reaser, Mercer County 2007 Sarah Morris, Morgan County
1982 Kenneth O. Godwin, Jr., Taylor County 2008 Eric Kincaid, Monongalia County
1983 Rosemary Phillips, Marion County 2009 MaryLu Hutchins, Ohio County
1984 Jessie Sue Prickett Roberts, McDowell County 2010 Gretchen Shaffer Gibson, Monongalia County
1985 Blanche R. Dudley, Harrison County 2011 Drema McNeal, Raleigh County
1986 Jane Gallimore McKee, Logan County 2012 Robert Morris, Clay County
1987 Anita M. Hardesty, Mineral County 2013 Mike Funkhouser, Hardy County
1988 Esther Lauderman, Wood County 2014 Erin Sponaugle, Berkeley County
1989 Teresa Hardman, Kanawha County